For the pioneering homeowners and public site administrators who founded the Conservancy, the need for an organization with a sharp focus on preservation was clear. Over more than thirty years, we have maintained that focus.

Our work is often quiet, taking place behind the scenes. This year we acquired preservation easements on two additional Frank Lloyd Wright-designed buildings. We perform routine monitoring to safeguard the 24 easements we hold, consulting with building stewards when work is done to ensure that Wright’s designs are protected.

Other times, our work makes a splash. In July, we learned that the Frederick Bagley House (1894) in Hinsdale, Illinois, had been quietly listed on the private market, with preparations made for potential redevelopment. In just five days, we raised substantial local and national interest, with Wright fans and preservation advocates from across the country appealing to Hinsdale village officials to intervene. The outcry inspired buyers to put in an offer with a preservation guarantee, which the sellers accepted. Without the quick mobilization of Conservancy members, this very early Wright building likely would have been lost forever.

Slowly or quickly, quietly or loudly–our mission is powered by your generosity. If you can, please make a special year-end gift to help us reach our fundraising goal of $30,000. 

Frank Lloyd Wright understood the importance of beauty in our lives. Help us remain financially strong, so that the beauty of Wright’s legacy will be there to inspire generations to come.

Make a Donation

 Thanks to the generosity of our Board, the first 50 donors who give $500 or more will receive a special flower pattern Luxfer prism, designed by Wright for the American Luxfer Prism Company. Update: All flower pattern Luxfer prisms have been claimed. Plain prisms are available to donors on request.

Posted November 17, 2021