From the desk of Executive Director Barbara Gordon:

As Executive Director of this remarkable organization, I have the privilege of collaborating with and supporting leaders of public Wright sites across the country. They work tirelessly to preserve their Frank Lloyd Wright-designed buildings and educate the public about Wright’s unmatched legacy of innovative organic design. The success of public sites is crucial to preserving Wright’s legacy, and your donations enable us to serve them.

One of my favorite Conservancy programs is the Wright Site Directors Summit, which our Public Sites Committee hosts every other year at Wingspread. In March, we convened the leaders of 30+ sites to discuss common challenges and share solutions, finding strength in community. They walked away with tools to take concrete actions: to strengthen board leadership, develop programs for diverse audiences, plan for crucial preservation and restoration work, and step up fundraising.

Since our founding we have been committed to building these sites’ capacity for preservation and education. Your support ensures that we can continue to help public sites as they face ever-evolving challenges and opportunities. The more people experience Wright’s architecture firsthand, the more likely they are to become advocates when his buildings are threatened. Public sites provide those firsthand experiences, and their success is vital to our mission.

Please make a special gift to help us reach our summer appeal goal of raising $15,000 for general operating support. Please give generously today to ensure that all Wright buildings are preserved for generations to come.

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Posted June 22, 2022