The Conservancy’s new Larry Woodin Easement Opportunity Fund has been established in memory of long-time Board member Larry Woodin, an internationally-recognized Frank-Lloyd Wright expert known for his instrumental involvement in last-minute saves of several important Wright buildings. Larry, who died unexpectedly in July 2021, was a passionate advocate for the preservation and protection of all Wright buildings.  He felt that preservation easements were the best form of protection and worked tirelessly to promote their importance and strength to Wright building owners.  The Conservancy’s Board of Directors sees no better way to honor him than to establish this fund in his honor.

What is a preservation easement?

Preservation experts consider easements to be the strongest and best tool to assure the long-term preservation and protection of qualifying historic structures. By donating an easement to the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy, a building owner is assured that future owners will be legally required to conform with the protections contained within the easement.

The Conservancy currently holds easements on 24 Frank Lloyd Wright structures across the country.

Easements require financial resources to enable regular monitoring and enforcement which can occasionally require legal assistance.  While most donors of easements can provide the necessary funds in the form of a donation to protect the easement in perpetuity, not all Wright homeowners are able to do so.  This can create a barrier to establishing an easement.  With your generous support, the Larry Woodin Easement Opportunity Fund will be available to provide financial assistance in the rare instances when qualified owners are unable to provide a full donation on their own.

Donate to the Larry Woodin Easement Opportunity Fund

Honor Larry Woodin and help qualified building owners alleviate the financial burdens of donating preservation easements.  Tax-deductible donations to the Larry Woodin Easement Opportunity Fund may be made online by clicking the button above, or by mailing a check to the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy, 53 W. Jackson Blvd., Suite 720, Chicago, IL 60604.

Questions?  Please contact Barbara Gordon at 312-663-5500 or [email protected].

Posted February 18, 2022