When Architectural Digest decided to write about the experience of living in a Wright-designed house, they reached out to the Building Conservancy. Through our relationships, we were able to facilitate interviews with the owners of seven different Wright houses:

  • Dave & Joyce McArdle, owners of the Fredrick House (1954), and previous owners of the Henderson House (1901)
  • Amy & Eric Bauer, owners of the Baker House (1909)
  • Dan Nichols & Christine Denario, owners of the Sweeton House (1950)
  • Dale Morgan & Norm Silk, owners of the Turkel House (1955)
  • Doug LaBrecque, owner of the Meyer House (1948)
  • Andrea Kayne & Andy Mead, owners of the Laura Gale House (1909)

They shared their honest reflections on their experiences of living in and caring for these special homes, which are captured in the article.

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Posted April 26, 2023