The Glencoe Historical Society has moved the original portion of the Wright-designed Booth Cottage to Glencoe’s Ravine Bluffs Park (formerly Park 7N). Interior work continues. See our previous coverage for more on why and how this is happening.


Booth Cottage on the Move

Friday, September 25

The Glencoe Park Board has approved the renaming of Park 7N to “Ravine Bluffs Park” and will work with the Glencoe Historical Society to install a sign that is stylistically in keeping with Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs.

Monday, September 14

Booth Cottage was moved a short distance and installed on its new foundation. Many thanks to Mark Hertzberg for sharing the photos below. He also chronicled the process on his Wright in Racine blog.

Friday, September 10

Booth Cottage will be moved a short distance to its new foundation in Glencoe Park 7N on Monday 9/14. Much work remains, but this Wright-designed cottage has a bright future thanks to efforts of Glencoe Historical Society, Landmarks Illinois, and many others!

Friday, September 4

The formwork around the new concrete foundation for Booth Cottage has been removed. Concrete for the floor of the crawlspace is being poured one small load at a time. Expect the cottage to be placed on the foundation in a little over a week.

Wednesday, September 2

Over the previous week, forms were erected and a concrete foundation was poured. Booth Cottage is expected to be placed atop the new foundation in mid-September.

Wednesday, August 5

Preparations underway for pouring footings in the new foundation.

Tuesday, August 4

Excavation has begun to construct a new permanent foundation for Booth Cottage in Glencoe Park 7N. Footings will be poured within approximately a week.

Tuesday, July 21

Conservancy staff, board members, and supporters were on hand to monitor and document the move of Booth Cottage to Park 7N, approximately 0.1 miles down the road. The move was a success, and the cottage is now resting on temporary supports pending the completion of a permanent foundation.

Executive Director Barbara Gordon shared photos in real time on social media throughout the move. These can be viewed most easily in this Twitter thread.

Advocacy Committee Co-Chair Ron Scherubel captured video of key moments, which we have compiled into a short movie viewable on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

Photojournalist Mark Hertzberg captured photos which he has graciously allowed us to share. His chronicle of the process is online here.

Monday, July 20

Wheels have been attached to the beams supporting the house, and it is ready to roll.

Friday, July 17

The house has been raised up and moved onto supportive beams to facilitate the move. Wheels will be attached to the beams.

Thursday, July 16

The house has been raised up on beams to prepare for its move. Gravel is in place on the site where it will be temporarily placed while a permanent foundation is built.

Thursday, June 26

As part of Wright Virtual Visits, the Conservancy created and shared this video with the Gordon House in Silverton, Oregon, which was similarly saved by relocation.

Tuesday, May 26

Work is ongoing to prepare for the move, slowed by the impacts of coronavirus. The Glencoe Historical Society requested additional funds from the Village to construct a basement, but the request was denied. Learn more from the Chicago Tribune.

Friday, April 10

Demolition of rear bedroom addition, plus higher-quality photos of carport and chimney demolition.

Tuesday, April 7

Heavy demolition work on the garage and porte-cochère has been completed in the last few days. The removal of these later additions has clearly revealed the original form of the house.

Tuesday, March 31

Workers have made progress on separating the garage and other later additions to the cottage, which aren’t going to be moved. The chimney is being deconstructed above the roofline in preparation for the move.

Monday, March 23

Last week, a construction fence was put up around the house. Utility markings and flags were placed on the Park Lot 7N where the cottage will be moved.

Posted September 25, 2020