Wright Building Owners

How-To: Protect Your Historic House with a Preservation Easement

Photo by Rob Kearns

There are a number of ways to provide for the future protection of historic properties such as those designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The most common way is through the designation of the property as a local landmark. While many local historic preservation ordinances have strong protections, the level of those protections can vary between municipalities, and political pressures can influence the degree to which they are followed. Listing on…

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General Principles for Valuing and Pricing Wright Houses

By Leo Koonmen

At the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy, an important part of our mission is to help facilitate the sale of Wright-designed houses to buyers who appreciate not only the wonderful design qualities of these great houses, but who are also willing and able to serve as long-term custodians of these houses via ongoing maintenance and eventual sale to like-minded buyers in the future. By doing so, the owners of these…

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