This is what a heading looks like - ideal for section headings in longer pieces

Of course we can have standard paragraph text as always, as well. This text can be formatted in bold or italics — or both! Text can also be made into hyperlinks to other pages on our website or elsewhere on the web.

This is the second paragraph.

This is the third paragraph. We can also have bulleted lists:

  • Bulleted
  • lists
  • look
  • like
  • this.

Or numbered lists: (update: this is clearly not working properly, I am filing a support ticket)

  1. Which
  2. look
  3. like
  4. this.

Here’s another short paragraph. Blah blah blah. We also have two styles of pull quotes/blockquotes that we can use.

Here is the first style of blockquote. In general, across our website, we will use this more to pull out details that need special emphasis, like announcements or updates at the top of a page.

There is a second, more dramatic style that I think is probably more appropriate for actually displaying excerpts of text in articles.

This is a new-style blockquote. It really breaks up the page and grabs attention more than the gray box. It can also have a citation/attribution, below, but that is optional.

— Eric Rogers

So that’s the basics of presenting text on our website.

Visuals (this is another heading)

Now we’re back to paragraph text for a moment to explain what’s coming next: images and video! Specifically, below this paragraph, you will see four different visuals:

  1. A single image.
  2. An image slider (with multiple images, and arrows to let the user scroll through them).
  3. A mosaic (with up to three images, all sharing a single caption).
  4. An embedded video. We can easily embed from YouTube; other platforms have to be tested to ensure that they work.

So, here we go!

This is an image caption. It can be credited.

This is an image caption. It can be credited.

2021 Conference (photo by Eric Allix Rogers)

Booth Cottage on the Move

Mosaic caption goes here. Mosaics have three images. The large image can be positioned left or right (for a vertical image) or top or bottom (for a horizontal image).

To recap, above are demonstrations of a single image; a slider displaying multiple images; a mosaic displaying three images; and an embedded YouTube video.

Buttons (this is a third heading)

Another thing we can do is display a button. This isn’t always necessary since any text can be a link. But sometimes you just need a big honking button to make it clear that there’s an action you want people to take. Example buttons below.

Annual Conference


Optional secondary text on button

Google Again

Third and final button color

Other ways to present information

Finally, let’s look at some of the other fun ways we have to organize and structure information. Paragraphs are great but sometimes you need something a little more specific! Below, we’ll look at link collections, timelines, and listicles.

First, a link collection:

That was a link collection. Now let’s look at a timeline!

February 2020

Eric started working at the Conservancy

I can describe that here, with formatting just like you can use for a normal paragraph.

March 2020

COVID happens

All events cancelled.

November 2020

The Conservancy's first-ever online conference

May 2021

Out and About Wright tour event also happens online

October 2021

Hybrid conference takes place in Buffalo

The Future

Who knows???

Hard to believe we’re in the third year of this mess.

And that is a timeline, a fun way to show things that have happened over a period of time.

Finally, let’s look at a listicle — think Buzzfeed, but for Frank Lloyd Wright content.

Item 1

Something about the first item goes here. Again, with formatting just like you can use for a normal paragraph.

Item 2

Some things about item 2.

Item 3

Third and final item in this listicle. I could go on, but I’m out of items.

I have now demonstrated all of the fun toys this website gives us to play with. Use them wisely!

Posted January 31, 2022