The Harriet and Samuel Freeman House in Los Angeles, designed by Wright in 1924, was been purchased from the University of Southern California by a private buyer. Developer Richard E. Weintraub, who has a track record of restoring historic properties, paid $1.8 million for the textile-block house, which is in need of a major restoration. The house is protected by a conservation easement held by the Los Angeles Conservancy, which prevents demolition or unsympathetic additions. Weintraub hopes that the home can once again serve as “a salon for intellectual passions.” The LA Times has additional details.

The Conservancy has had significant engagement with the Freeman House over the years. We were in regular contact with USC, pressuring them to take action to protect and restore the structure. We toured it during our 2019 conference.

Preservation Programs Manager John Waters created SketchUp models of the house that were used by the realtor to help prospective buyers understand its history and potential for restoration. The two rendering videos show the house in 1925 and in 1953.

Posted February 28, 2022