In 2013, Chicagoans Michael Schreiber and Jason Loper went in search of a quaint little country house for weekend getaways. What they bought instead was a piece of architectural history some five hours outside of Chicago. In their eight years as stewards of the Delbert and Grace Meier House (designed 1915), an American System-Built Home in Monona, Iowa, Schreiber and Loper have documented the history of the home and its place in Wright’s canon of work. Join us for a talk that will include a preview of their forthcoming book, This American House: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Meier House and the American System-Built Homes.

Pre-order your copy of Schreiber and Loper’s book at your favorite local bookstore or on Amazon. Due to shipping delays, the release of the book has been pushed back to August, and pre-ordering may not be available. Please bookmark it and try again soon, or check for updates at


This live event took place on Thursday, July 29 for members of the Conservancy. We are pleased to make the recording public for anyone who would like to learn more about the Meier House!

Posted July 1, 2021