Why I Joined the Legacy Circle

By Donna Butler Adamson

It was only recently that I put a bequest to the Building Conservancy in my will, but I always knew I would! The formation of the Conservancy aligned with the beginning of my career as a real estate appraiser specializing in historic properties.The Conservancy has amazed me with its success through the years. It allowed me to form fast friendships and professional relationships, and I have never looked back. It represents the values I espouse: to preserve Wright buildings, and further to promote a culture that desires a quality built environment and has an appreciation for the past.

I served on the board of directors for many years and have seen the inner workings of a committed group of individuals. Over the years at Out and About Wright weekends and annual conferences I have toured, listened and learned to my heart’s delight! In a world where preservation organizations sometimes struggle, the Conservancy has proven to be thriving and growing. It is my privilege to have a history with this wonderful organization, and to be dedicated to its future.

Posted on July 25, 2018

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