UPDATED: Show Your Support to Keep Booth Cottage in Glencoe

UPDATE 1/14/20: Over the last six months, the Glencoe Historical Society has been working with the Village of Glencoe to find a preservation solution to save the Booth Cottage and keep it within the local community of Glencoe. The Conservancy has closely monitored the status of the cottage, which was subject to a demolition delay that expired on Nov. 30, 2019. To preserve the cottage, the Historical Society and the Glencoe Park District have developed a plan to move the cottage to Park District property a short distance from its current location.

Please show your support for this plan! The Glencoe Park District Board of Commissioners will host a Community Input Meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 21 at 7 p.m. in the Community Hall of the Takiff Center (999 Green Bay Road, Glencoe, Illinois). If you are unable to attend the public meeting, please feel free to send your thoughts to and they will be shared with the Board of Commissioners.


UPDATE 10/25/19: Following the Conservancy’s request for proposals to move and restore the Booth Cottage in Glencoe, Illinois, a local party came forward to keep the original portion of the building within the Village boundaries and very close to the Ravine Bluffs neighborhood. After being owned by the same family since 1956, the home was sold in May. The new owners promptly filed for a demolition permit, which triggered a demolition delay until Nov. 30 because of its honorary landmark status, and a flurry of media attention. There has been much behind-the-scenes activity happening to save the house, and with only one month to go, we will have an announcement on the future of this building soon. The Village of Glencoe and its Historic Preservation Commission are committed to saving this notable structure and maintaining it as a Glencoe Landmark.


The Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy is seeking an individual or group to move, reconstruct and restore the Wright-designed Booth Cottage (1913). This is an opportunity to breathe new life into a significant early Wright structure currently located in Glencoe, Illinois.

After being owned by the same family since 1956, the Cottage was recently sold. The site on which it stands is to be redeveloped, and the Conservancy is assisting the new owner in finding a solution to preserve the Cottage at an alternate location. Because of the planned redevelopment the cottage must be moved by Nov. 30, 2019.

The Cottage was originally built in Glencoe as a temporary home for the Sherman and Elizabeth Booth family while their permanent house was being constructed nearby. After the Booths moved from the Cottage in late 1916 or early 1917, the structure was moved approximately 300 feet south to its current location at 239 Franklin Road.

While a number of modifications were made to the Cottage at the time of the original move, as well as since then, the signature elements of the Cottage’s design, elements that tie it to Wright’s later Usonian houses, shine through. These elements include its flat roof, banded windows and strong horizontal lines.

We strongly encourage all interested parties to review the Conservancy’s Request for Proposals (RFP) to move the Booth Cottage.

Responsibilities of the Takeout Party who will move, reconstruct, and restore the Cottage:

1) Enter into an agreement with 239 Franklin LLC, the owner of the property, transferring ownership of the original cottage structure to be moved.

2) Coordinate the move with 239 Franklin LLC, utility and transportation departments, and municipal bodies.

3) Assume all costs associated with the removal, relocation and reconstruction/restoration of the Cottage.

4) Select the moving company and assume all costs and responsibilities for the planning of, and coordination associated with, the move.

5) Coordinate and assume all expenses associated with the selection, acquisition and preparation of new site.

6) Reconstruct and restore the original Cottage, with monitoring by the Conservancy.

7) Donate to the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy a preservation easement protecting the Cottage in perpetuity.


To submit a proposal:

Step 1: Thoroughly review the RFP, Fact Sheet and Exhibits A-E below.

Step 2: If you feel you are in a position to respond to the RFP, fill out Exhibit A (the Bid Registration Form), and return it to the Conservancy as indicated. A $500 deposit is required for registration to be complete. This deposit is fully refundable if you withdraw from the bid process or if you are not selected to move the Cottage, so you are encouraged to submit a Bid Registration Form as soon as possible. Personal check and credit card are acceptable payment forms of payment for the deposit. The Conservancy requests serious inquiries only.

Step 3: Compile a complete response as outlined in the RFP and submit it to the Conservancy by 5:00 p.m. central time, July 26, 2019.

Request for Proposal

Bid Registration Form (Exhibit A)

Fact Sheet and Exhibits B-E (zip file)

Booth Cottage

Booth Cottage in 1913

Posted on June 25, 2019

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