UPDATED: Sondern House Sold at Auction

UPDATE 8/12/19: Our sources in Kansas City report that the Sondern House sold at auction today after active bidding. The Conservancy always keeps homeowner and sale price information confidential. We’ll share more info once it becomes public.

Wright’s Sondern House (1939) in Kansas City, Missouri, has been listed for auction by Heritage Auctions. The auction is to be held August 12, 2019, and will be “without reserve.”

In other words, the house will be sold at the top bid regardless of the bid’s amount.

All serious, preservation-minded potential buyers are encouraged to consider participating in this auction. Without competitive bidding the property could be bought at a relatively low price by a less sympathetic purchaser. The Conservancy has been working with Historic Kansas City to monitor the status of the property. The next steward of the Sondern House will be taking on an important piece of Wright’s built legacy and Kansas City’s architectural heritage.

Also known as the Sondern-Adler House, the property has additions Wright completed for subsequent owner Arnold Adler in 1948. It is located in Kansas City’s Roanoke Historic District. As such, any proposed exterior changes to the property must be reviewed by the Kansas City Historic District Commission and receive a “certificate of appropriateness” before the work can proceed. If a certificate of appropriateness is denied, then the property owner must wait three years before proceeding with the proposed alterations. While this gives the property a significant level of protection from outright demolition, it does not safeguard it from all exterior changes, or protect its intact interiors in any way.

Posted on July 22, 2019

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