You wouldn’t think a talk from an insurance expert would get such an enthusiastic response, but when Sheila Courtney spoke during the Homeowners and Public Sites Sessions at the Conservancy’s Los Angeles conference in October, people listened—then followed up with many thoughtful questions. Courtney is uniquely positioned to provide many fascinating insights into the prevention of common problems that can cause major damage to historic homes. She is currently the vice president of risk management at PURE Insurance. In addition, she has a BA in historic preservation from Mary Washington College. With 21 years of experience in loss prevention for high net worth properties, her presentation provided novel information and insight that proved valuable to all of the attendees.

Courtney’s presentation, Preservation by Prevention: Avoiding Losses from Catastrophes & Common Perils, reviewed many ways to do just what the title says: deter losses before they happen. Topics covered included ways to avoid burst pipes (which cause the greatest severity of water damage), strategies to minimize wildfire and house fire loss, and approaches to reducing the effects of earthquakes.

In response to requests from our audience, we are making Courtney’s presentation available to our homeowners. Click here to download. As she emphasizes, efforts to decrease the impact of potentially catastrophic events before they happen is a major part of effective preservation.

Posted on October  5, 2019

Posted October 5, 2019