Given the large number of Wright-designed buildings that contain art glass, information on the preservation of these examples of Wright’s work is critical. Stained-glass consultant Julie L. Sloan has provided the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy with an excellent overview on the care of Wright’s art glass that was first published in the Conservancy’s Bulletin in the spring of 1997. This piece remains an extremely helpful guide to the maintaining these objects. In a recent review of this article, Julie noted the rising cost of insurance as another example of the challenges facing homeowners.

Julie L. Sloan is a stained-glass consultant in North Adams, Massachusetts, specializing in conservation studies, conservation management and history since 1982. Her conservation projects include Saint Thomas Episcopal Church, New York; H. H. Richardson’s Trinity Church in Boston; Harvard University’s Memorial Hall; Trinity Church, Wall Street; The Riverside Church in New York; and Princeton University’s Chapel. She is also an appraiser of American stained glass, certified by the American Appraisers Association and current in USPAP training. She has lectured and written extensively on stained glass. She is working on a comprehensive history of American stained glass to be published by the University of Massachusetts Press.

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Posted on March 30, 2018

Posted March 30, 2018