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Tech Tip of the Month, March 2021: Wright drawings and photos from the Avery Library are now available to all on Artstor

As a Wright homeowner or building steward, you’ve likely heard of the trove of information relating to Wright’s work at the Avery Library at Columbia University in New York City. Now it’s possible to get a real sense of the extent of the Wright drawings through Artstor, an online digital library. Avery Library has made accessible, free of charge, images of thousands of Wright’s drawings of individual buildings. We encourage all Wright…

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Tech Tip of the Month, November 2020: Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties

For those involved in the stewardship of the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties are an indispensable resource for guiding decisions relating to the restoration, rehabilitation, repair and maintenance of these historic places. The Standards are the basic criteria used by state historic preservation offices, most governmental entities, and many other organizations for evaluation of work on historic buildings…

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Tech Tip of the Month, October 2020: Succession Planning – What’s Next for Your Wright Building?

Building owners and stewards may not realize that their Wright property is most endangered during times of property transfer. This is especially the case when future preservation is not carefully considered before the transfer process begins. Unless a well thought out succession plan is in place, what seems like a simple real estate transaction can easily lead to the destruction of a Frank Lloyd Wright building. Here are some steps…

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Tech Tip of the Month, September 2020: Preservation Briefs from the National Park Service

By John Waters, Preservation Programs Manager

The Conservancy offers a wealth of technical information and support to Wright building stewards. Each month (or as often as we are able!), we will highlight a Tech Tip of the Month featuring useful information for those who own or care for Wright’s buildings. If you’re looking for a source of information on the nuts and bolts of working with historic buildings, a good place to start is the National…

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Are You Thinking About Reopening Your Home to Tours?

By Marsha Shyer, Co-Owner, Brandes House

Photo by Mark Hertzberg

We are friendly folks, Frank Lloyd Wright homeowners. In general, that’s a good thing. But during times like these, what does hospitality look like? First, of course, let’s remember that no one is requiring a private homeowner to open their home up to anyone. While the pandemic still rages in some parts of the country, in other parts, things are beginning to open up. What does that mean for your…

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