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Are You Thinking About Reopening Your Home to Tours?

By Marsha Shyer, Co-Owner, Brandes House

Photo by Mark Hertzberg

We are friendly folks, Frank Lloyd Wright homeowners. In general, that’s a good thing. But during times like these, what does hospitality look like? First, of course, let’s remember that no one is requiring a private homeowner to open their home up to anyone. While the pandemic still rages in some parts of the country, in other parts, things are beginning to open up. What does that mean for your…

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Tech Tip of the Month, July 2020: Regular Maintenance Pays Off

By John Waters, Preservation Programs Manager

The Conservancy offers a wealth of technical information and support to Wright building stewards. Each month, we will highlight a Tech Tip of the Month featuring useful information for those who own or care for Wright’s buildings. Keeping your Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house in good repair helps you to experience your home as the architect intended, and the excellence of its design only increases the reward that ongoing preservation provides. Of course,…

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‘Preservation By Prevention’ Conference Presentation Available to Download

You wouldn’t think a talk from an insurance expert would get such an enthusiastic response, but when Sheila Courtney spoke during the Homeowners and Public Sites Sessions at the Conservancy’s Los Angeles conference in October, people listened—then followed up with many thoughtful questions. Courtney is uniquely positioned to provide many fascinating insights into the prevention of common problems that can cause major damage to historic homes. She is currently the…

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Renovation Time is a High-Risk Time for your Historic Building

As we watched in horror when Notre Dame Cathedral’s spire and roof were engulfed in flames in April 2019, the thought “this can’t be happening to Notre Dame!” passed through the minds of many. It was a sobering reminder that the worst can happen to a beloved structure. In November 2018 the Wright community learned with sadness that wildfire decimated the Oboler Estate in Malibu, California. In response to the…

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