Transitions in ownership can present both opportunities and threats to Wright properties.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy works to facilitate the smooth transition of Wright-designed houses between preservation-minded owners. Along with Wright on the Market, the Conservancy has developed a number of publications focusing on the buying, selling and pricing of Wright-designed houses.


Buying a Frank Lloyd Wright Property

Buying a house is a major investment. The Conservancy has created a guide to assist you if you are considering the purchase of a Wright-designed house. Buying a Frank Lloyd Wright Property includes a primer on the various types of houses available, suggestions on working with a real estate broker, and services that the Conservancy can provide to both prospective buyers and to homeowners after purchase.

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Selling a Frank Lloyd Wright Property

The Conservancy has created this guide for Wright homeowners to aid them in the process of transitioning their house to a new, preservation-minded owner. Included in Selling a Frank Lloyd Wright Property are suggestions on marketing a Wright-designed house, tips on working with a real estate broker and ways in which the Conservancy can facilitate a smooth transition to a new owner. The guide also includes a review of protections homeowners may wish to consider to make sure their house is preserved for the future.

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SaveWright: “So You Bought a Wright House”

The Fall 2010 issue of the Conservancy’s biannual publication SaveWright is dedicated to the experience of buying, owning and selling a Wright-designed property. It includes first-hand experiences by owners who have restored these properties, and describes the challenges and joys of living in a Wright-designed house.

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Setting a Price for Wright Houses

Wright-designed houses carry unique considerations when pricing for sale. While their artistry is undeniable, the extent to which that artistry affects a house’s market value will vary from situation to situation. Setting a price based on a realistic understanding of market factors is a key component in encouraging a timely sale. This article is available to Wright homeowners with login access to the Wright Building Owners section of the Conservancy’s website.

Read “General Principles for Valuing and Pricing Wright Houses”


How To List on Wright on the Market

Finding new stewards who understand and appreciate Wright’s buildings is crucial to their preservation. The Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy works to connect sellers and preservation-minded buyers of historically verified structures attributed to Frank Lloyd Wright through Wright on the Market.

A basic listing on Wright on the Market is free. Online listings will include up to 400 words of text and up to 10 photos. New listings will also be promoted in the Conservancy’s email newsletter and in our summer newsletter.

An expanded listing costs $200 and includes all benefits of the basic listing plus one professionally written editorial feature (approx. 800 words) to appear in the News section of, in member email newsletter, and in printed summer newsletter (articles will be edited for length in newsletter).

To submit a listing, download the form below and return with text and photos to operations manager Kara Kirby.

If we can be of assistance please call the Conservancy at 312.663.5500.

Thank you for considering Wright on the Market!

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