Frank Lloyd Wright left a legacy of extraordinary designs realized in a career spanning 70 years. While these architectural wonders are celebrated as global works of art, nearly 20% of Wright-designed structures have been destroyed. That’s why the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy was created. And thanks to you, we continue to advocate to preserve Wright’s legacy.   

The best way to secure the future of a Wright property is through a preservation easement – a legally binding agreement that grants the Conservancy the responsibility to safeguard the structure’s architectural integrity. Easements are our most effective tool in protecting Wright-designed buildings.  

I am delighted to share that we acquired an easement on the David and Gladys Wright House in Phoenix, Arizona, this spring. This is an important Wright design that came perilously close to being lost in 2012. The Conservancy now holds easements on 25 Wright buildings. This responsibility requires ongoing commitment, and with your generosity, we can:

  • Regularly visit these properties to ensure proper care is being taken of the structures.  
  • Offer technical resources to owners to support their preservation efforts.  
  • Engage with potential buyers during ownership changes to communicate the particular details of the easement.  

Your support is vital. Together, we can protect more of these architectural treasures. Please give generously today!  

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Posted November 21, 2023