Legacy Circle

Legacy Circle

Legacy Circle

The Legacy Circle honors individuals and families who have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to the mission of the Conservancy through a bequest, trust or other planned giving arrangement, or through a major gift to establish a specialized ongoing fund. Gifts from Legacy Circle members ensure that the Conservancy’s mission can continue for future generations.

Learn how you can become a member of the Legacy Circle. We welcome discussions with you about how the Conservancy fits into your planned giving. Contact Executive Director Barbara Gordon at [email protected] or 312.663.5500.

The Conservancy extends a special thank you to the individuals and families who have committed to support the Conservancy as members of the Legacy Circle:

Donna Butler Adamson and Reggie Adamson
Lois J. Bizak
John C. Blew
Maynard and Katherine Buehler
Judith and Richard Corson
Robert P. Fordyce
Bruce L. Haines
Janet and Richard Halstead
Chuck and Kit Henderson
Rollin G. Jansky
Kelly Jones
William Keene
Michael Korinek and Christine Heycke
John G. Kurtz
Robert E. Leary
David S. Leinbach and David Tonelli
Neil Levine
Susan Jacobs Lockhart
Neil R. Manowitz
Bob and Ulana Mellor

George Meyer
Russell P. Neff
Edith K. Payne
Roland Reisley
Ron and Jan Scherubel
John and Marsha Shyer

Mark R. and Mary M. Tlachac
Lorna Tracy
William B. and Elizabeth Tracy
Deborah Vick
Richard B. Von Hungen Groth
Lynda and Tom Waggoner
Nathan David and Helen Mary Weiser
Larry A. Woodin and Andy Mygovych