The Building Conservancy’s Architectural Advisory Committee is developing a visual record of concrete floors in Wright’s Usonian houses. These floors are a signature feature of Wright’s Usonians and questions on their care and restoration are among the most common inquiries the Architectural Advisory Committee receives. This visual record will be a great resource for building stewards.

To accomplish this, we are asking Usonian homeowners with concrete floors to send us two photos of your floor, taken in daylight.

  • One photo should be looking straight down at the floor, the other at an angle, both about twenty-four inches from the floor, in natural light.
  • The view should include the construction module score lines and be of a fairly representative section of your floor. It is usually best to take the photo of an interior location, since they are typically less faded, weathered or repaired.
  • If you know whether your floor is original or a replacement, that is also helpful information.

Please email your photos to [email protected] and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Posted March 2, 2023