From April through July 2020, more than 20 public Wright sites participated in the first phase of Wright Virtual Visits. Below is the archive of that project.

This page archives the first phase of Wright Virtual Visits (April-July 2020). Click here to access the second phase (August 2020-September 2021). A third phase was launched in January 2022 – click here for Wright Virtual Visits 2022.


As social distancing and stay-at-home orders have swept the country, many Frank Lloyd Wright sites that are normally open to the public have had to close their doors, just when they were gearing up for the spring touring season to begin. These measures are crucial to slowing the spread of COVID-19 and protecting the staff, volunteers, and visitors who usually fill these extraordinary spaces with life. It is precisely at this time, when so many are shut inside, that we need to experience beauty and inspiration. Wright’s works bring people together in harmony with the natural world, reminding us that we are all connected, even when we’re apart.

Each Thursday at 1 p.m. Eastern time (10 a.m. Pacific), many public Frank Lloyd Wright sites will share #WrightVirtualVisits via their social media. These short videos introduce sites to new audiences and provide interesting and informal glimpses into their design, history, and more. #WrightVirtualVisits launched on April 2 and will run until at least July 15. This effort is a partnership among all participating sites, with leadership from the the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and Unity Temple Restoration Foundation.

Participating sites

We encourage you to follow all these sites on social media. Most sites are participating every week, so check back each Thursday for new #WrightVirtualVisits. Sites participating on a limited basis, rather than every week, are marked with an *.

Don't use social media?

#WrightVirtualVisits started as a social media effort, but with more and more people following along, we wanted to make it accessible to those who don’t use social media. Thus, each Friday, we will round up all of the previous day’s #WrightVirtualVisits on one page of embedded Facebook videos for convenient viewing – no social media login required!

Public sites need your support

All public sites have been significantly affected by this pandemic. Many are facing major budget shortfalls and have had to furlough staff. Some are unable to access their sites to participate in virtual visits. We urge everyone to get to know all the Wright public sites, and to support your local sites and those of special significance to you with donations. Your generosity is critical to ensure that they will be able to reopen and welcome visitors again when this is over.

Support Public Wright Sites

Learn how you can help on #GivingTuesdayNow & beyond

Media highlights

With the world on lockdown, #WrightVirtualVisits have attracted a whole new audience to appreciate the works of Frank Lloyd Wright! Highlights of the 50+ online, television, radio, and print news stories about the initiative include:

The Conservancy's #WrightVirtualVisits

April 2, 2020: The Malcolm Willey House in Minneapolis, Minnesota


April 9, 2020: Graycliff in Derby, New York


April 23, 2020: The Frank Lloyd Wright House in Ebsworth Park (Kraus House), in Kirkwood, Missouri


May 7, 2020: Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Arizona


May 28, 2020: Emil Bach House in Chicago, Illinois


June 4, 2020: Martin House in Buffalo, New York


June 25, 2020: Gordon House in Silverton, Oregon


July 2, 2020: Westcott House in Springfield, Ohio


July 16, 2020: Fallingwater in Mill Run, Pennsylvania

Posted August 6, 2020